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As a repair company specializing in recreational outdoor equipment Basecamp Repairs started off as the brain child of two friends, Nic (Left) and Alex (Right). They met while working for leading national outdoor equipment retailers and together have over 15 years of outdoor recreational retail and guiding experience. While getting this experience they found there was huge problem in the industry they loved, all of it revolving around waste. On a daily basis they saw returns come through the door, many of them easily fixable.

That's where the set adventure began. After much soul searching and thinking, Nic and Alex realized they already fixed their own and their friend's gear. Why couldn't they fix other peoples equipment? Well thats what they're doing through collaborative partnerships and the support of friends Basecamp Repairs is willing and ready to take on repair jobs all across Vancouver Island and the West Coast.

Giving Back
Quality Waste Reduction

In an expanded effort to reduce waste an integral part of Basecamp Repairs' process is repurposing "unfixable" equipment. Really what this means to the client is the cost of the repair outweighs the value for the client. Nic and Alex realized early on that "unfixable" doesn't mean "unusable", as frequently there are many usable sections of great material in an "unfixable" item. So through partnerships with people and companies Basecamp Repairs has started using materials from "unfixable" items in their repairs. 


Basecamp Repairs tests and determines how useable a fabric or material is and if it passes tests it is then incorporated into the repair process. This generally means that repairs often incorporate higher quality materials than the base material of the item to be repaired with no additional cost to the client. 

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